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Cal Spas from Energy Doctor

Energy Doctor of Saskatoon and Prince Albert supplies Cal Spas hot tubs for ultimate relaxation, for both indoor and outdoor applications. One of our top sellers is the Escape Select ES-864B model, an 8-foot hot tub that offers hydrotherapy and luxurious amenities at the same time. This hot tub features 64 powerful stainless steel jets that can be controlled to your comfort level. Neck and shoulder jets are included to deliver a steady stream of water in order to soothe extra tension. Cal Spas hot tubs also have Pure Cure UV sanitizing systems built in to ensure cleaning and maintaining is simpler than ever.

Why Cal Spas?

Cal Spas hot tubs can be personalized to your liking. You have a variety of hydrotherapy systems to choose from, which include circuit, trigger, tranquil, and target. This allows you to pick and choose which system would be best for massaging the pain points in your back. Cal Spas hot tubs are engineered for excellence!

Cal Spas Health Benefits

Cal Spas specializes in hot tubs and hydrotherapy. These hot tubs blend air, water, heat, and tactile therapy in order to rejuvenate both your body and soul. With a Cal Spas hot tub, you enjoy many health benefits such as relieving muscle soreness and tension, daily stress, and gain a more restful sleep after relaxing in your specialized hot tub from Cal Spas.


With their warmth and engineered power jets, hot tubs can help you unwind from a stressful day and give you time to relax your tense muscles. Therapeutic heat raises your body temperature, boosts the immune system, and triggers endorphins, which are the body’s natural pain blockers.

Pain Relief

The jets that produce energized streams of pressure in a Cal Spas hot tub are strategically placed and varied in order to target your pain areas. Many models offer full or partial body massages for those insistent muscle and back aches.

Arthritis Relief

Warm water can temporarily relieve any stiffness and aches in your joints, which increases overall flexibility. If you experience arthritis aches and pains, you will benefit from a Cal Spas hot tub! The water buoyancy relieves joints and muscles of that constant, everyday pressure.

Improved Sleep

Soaking in hot water right before bedtime has a calming effect on the body and mind, according to The National Sleep Foundation. The combination of the warmth, hydrotherapy, and ambient sounds are just meditative enough to help you sleep after you exit the hot tub.

Quality Time

Many models of Cal Spas hot tubs can seat up to 6 people! Relax and unwind with your friends, family, or loved one. Talk, laugh, and reconnect while receiving a massage at the same time. With such a warm and ambient setting, you and those you’re with will enjoy a better sense of well-being from a Cal Spas hot tub.

Lasting Value

Cal Spas hot tubs can be enjoyed all year round. They truly add an oasis to your home, and serve as an additional source of entertainment for your family and guests. These hot tubs will add property value without increasing your property taxes as well. Bring home Cal Spas and experience the difference it makes today.

Browse the Cal Spas Catalogue

When you choose a Cal Spas hot tub, you are creating a private sanctuary where you can unwind from the stresses of your life. These luxurious hot tubs feature hydrotherapy that works on your sore muscles and joints, while offering a meditative moment to relax. Cal Spas has the EIS ECO Seal of Approval – increase the green in your backyard, and your wallet!


Capacity: 6 People

Shell: The acrylic shell features a thick, durable acrylic that keeps the structure strong at critical pressure points. Cal Spas utilizes an exclusive Fibersteel Construction process. The finest of acrylic sheets are vacuum-molded into shape, and then reinforced with vinyl ester and fibreglass.

Dimensions: 93” x 93” x 39.5”

Weight Capacity: 900lbs dry, and 4,650lbs filled

Water Capacity: 450 gallons

Cascade Waterfall: This adds even more ambiance to the use of your hot tub. The calming sound of the cascading waterfall creates a meditative space while you relax in the warm water and massaging hydrotherapy jets.

The Escape Select ES-864B hot tub comes in a range of shell, cabinet, and cover colours as well! Choose from natural wood appearances for the cabinet and warm earth tones for the cover. It is entirely up to you. For more information about the hot tubs we have available, give Energy Doctor a call today.

Cal Spas Series

outdoor hot tub

Ultimate Fitness

Ultimate Fitness hot tubs will help you feel heathier, give you more energy, and increase your overall quality of life. Regular exercise is beneficial for your mind, body, and soul – get a jump start with an Ultimate Fitness hot tub from Cal Spas.

The PlatinumTM

These models combine elite styling and premium hot tub features, such as jet configurations of 50, 60, and 70. The Platinum is available in 7’ and 8’ bench and lounge models.


The Diamond model features neck and quad blasters to properly target your pain, as well as 69 spa jets to work out your sore muscles.


This series features powerful, spoked-stainless steel jets that massage your muscles and helps you unwind from the day. Truly escape from your stress with this unique line of Cal Spas hot tubs.


Specializing in hot tub fun, the Family series from Cal Spas are additional sources of entertainment for your family and guests. These can sit up to 6 people!


Genesis hot tubs from Cal Spas are portable and offer Geoforming molding processes for ultimate comfort.


Cal Spas Designer series are in-ground hot tubs that are an alternate choice to traditional concrete hot tubs. This provides a customizable, built-in look at home!


As a high tech hot tub accessory, the Galaxy model is an entertainment system fit for an auto-rising 42 inch LCD television. This system also includes a CD/stereo and 6 inch marine-grade speakers.

Learn more about these luxurious hot tubs from Cal Spas here!


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