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Energy Doctor Patio Cover Options

Patio covers from Energy Doctor provide a minimum maintenance roof that allows for added protection to your patio. We use 28% more metal, which means our applications are that much stronger than many on the Canadian market today. Our patio covers are guaranteed top quality with full structural integrity upon professional installment.

Homeowners in Saskatoon, Prince Albert, and surrounding cities have many patio cover options to choose from. Read through the covers below, and be sure to let us know which one you would like installed over your patio today!

Aluminum Pan Roof

This is an incredibly durable cover that requires very little maintenance, and it will keep the rest of your home cooler during hot summers. With this pan roof, skylights are available to make sure enough natural light comes in for added comfort and functionality.

Insulated Foam Panel Roof

These roofs are comprised of foam panels that are affixed between aluminum skins and connected by thermally broken H channels. This provides R-10 insulation for a strong, low maintenance roof.


We offer both single and double glazed safety glass. Glass makes for the perfect skylight, or as a complete roof. The glazing system is engineered to allow free spans that are complimentary to the insulated foam panel roof or even the pan roof. Light and heat resistant glass is also available.

Double Skin Acrylic

We offer skylights or complete roof products that feature excellent UV properties. These are available in clear, bronze, and cool top white for sunny climates, particularly on south or west facing applications. These sheets can be intermixed in order to control light availability over the windows of your home, or simply within a solarium. The acrylic component is an extruded product, so skylights are available in virtually any length. Unlike glass, these are continuous in two foot wide applications.

Patio Cover FAQ

The paint is guaranteed for 20 years by the extruder.

Attached rooms on the south or west side of homes can become very warm, depending on the roof type.

On the north or east side of a home, or in fully shaded areas, we recommend liberal use of full-length skylights or even a 100% glazed roof. For glazing products, we recommend including safety glass in clear, various shadings in sun shade varieties; or, double skin acrylic in clear, bronze, or cool top white.

On the south or west side of a home, or in an unshaded location, we recommend an aluminum skinned foam panel roof with a targeted application of skylights, using either bronze or white acrylic. The skylights work best over windows and doorways of the home in which the patio room is attached.

The windows are sliders above the kick panel area, allowing approximately one third of the walls to open up and provide cross ventilation. Ceiling fans can also be added, as well as wall exhaust fans. All of the sliding windows have screens supplied with them.

The window glass can also be selected for ultra violet or heat transmission properties to reduce heat buildup.

We purchase North American manufactured glass, and all types are available. Glass kick panels are always made of safety glass. For many of our products, such as hot tub enclosures, we put in safety glass throughout the entire room.

The products are manufactured following engineered specifications and are registered in many jurisdictions. Site engineering or drawings that are necessary for permitting other than standard kit products are not available. Many permitting authorities require site plans, including descriptions of existing structures and foundation plans, all of which are unique to each homeowner.

This will vary depending on how busy we are at Energy Doctor, as well as the manufacturing plant. However, for one room, a month is a reasonable expectation. Patio covers are much simpler and can normally be dealt with in a two week time period. Naturally, the shipping of the product will vary between locations and directly impact those times.

Yes. Some of our products have been used to enclose balconies on high rise apartments, and those are challenging wind loads to meet. We passed both the engineering tests and the tests of time.

The primary focus of our historic distribution of these products has been in the Pacific Northwest – earthquake risks are included in the building codes that our products comply with.

Safety glass is full of sufficient strength to withstand most hail damage and our new, impact modified double skin acrylic is also impervious to such damage.

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