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Energy Doctor of Saskatoon and Prince Albert supplies and installs a selection of durable roofing materials from Malarkey. Their top roofing products include a variety of shingles that can be installed by our skilled carpenters and come with a 50 year limited product warranty. The Legacy is Malarkey’s revolutionary laminate shingle, featuring SBS rubberized technology with designer appeal. SBS modified asphalt features the exclusive Polyglass Mat, which consists of both fibreglass and polyester fibres.

This rubberized asphalt gives The Legacy the resilience you need to protect your home or building from the toughest of elements. It offers the high protection of Class 4 Impact Resistance (UL 2218), which is the best possible protection for your home. Malarkey’s enhanced asphalt ultimately extends the life of the shingle, greatly improving its wind and hail resistance. This specific product has a tear resistant core as well, enabling it to resist shredding and cracking over time.

The benefits of The Legacy don’t stop there! With strength comes beauty. Malarkey coats the SBS modified asphalt shingles with the finest, colour fast ceramic roofing granules from 3M. This will enhance the vibrant colour you have selected, and ensure that it will last for years to come. Additionally, Malarkey coats The Legacy with 3M Scotchguard Algae Resistant Roofing System that will help prevent your shingles from tarnishing or staining from the growth of algae. Thanks to the strength of 3M, Malarkey warrants this shingle to be algae-free for 20 years!

Energy Doctor offers full installation services that come with not only product warranty, but the following as well:

  • 50 year product warranty on Legacy
  • 40 year product warranty on Vista
  • 30 year product warranty on Alaskan
  • 110mph Limited Wind Warranty
  • Your Choice Warranty Program
  • 10 Year Right Start Warranty

Enjoy choosing from 9 different colours, as well as reaping the benefits of top quality roofing products and shingles from Malarkey! To learn more about Energy Doctor’s full inventory of products, give us a call today.

We are your general contractor, we do it all and offer discounts on complete renovation projects. Call us today for your free estimate!

Energy Doctor also carries The Alaskan, which are SBS rubber modified shingles as well and designed for all weather extremes. These shingles utilize glass and polyester fibres in order to achieve a strong, tear resistant shingle.

SBS stands for “styrene-butadiene-styrene,” and offers superior properties to the application. It is much stronger that conventional asphalt because of its flexibility and top quality materials.

Malarkey’s SBS rubberized products can be applied with hot mop, SEBS asphalt, or cold adhesive methods. At Energy Doctor, we can supply you with the tools you need if you would like to install your roofing materials yourself. Of course, we are always available for assistance or if you would like to turn the project over to us!

Yes, and significantly better. These shingles typically experience a loss of only 0.2 grams of granules over time. These granules provide effective protection against UV degradation, which means you will have a roof that lasts much longer than most.

SBS rubber modified asphalt shingles from Malarkey have excellent performance at high temperatures, whether it is a hot day or in the process of being installed. They have ultimate flow resistance, and have an elevated softening point that ensures membrane stability. Since it is modified with rubber, it is more flexible and can hold more heat due to revolutionized elongation properties.


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