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Humphrey Windows from Energy Doctor

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Energy Doctor is a proud supplier of Humphrey PVC Windows for those in Saskatoon, Prince Albert, and surrounding areas in Saskatchewan! These windows offer maintenance-free construction and a contemporary design that adds to the unique character of your home. Custom made windows from Humphrey feature incredible insulation against drafts and other outside elements. With a multi-chambered design, fusion welding, Santoprene weather stripping, and non-metal Super Spacer sealant, these windows guarantee full protection from unpredictable outdoor climates. We have the lowest price windows cash & carry. We are more than competitive with pricing on features that they don’t offer.

Humphrey PVC Windows are manufactured by craftsmen who have vast experience with computer controlled CNC equipment. Cutting edge technology paired with a motivated, trained team allows you to rest assured that you are receiving top quality windows for your home. Humphrey’s provides a wide range of Next Generation window systems that are completely improved and amazingly affordable. You will benefit from superior performance, functionality, and security in brand new, maintenance-free profiles.

You can renovate your windows at anytime during the year, event winter. We can have your windows replaced and installed in less time it takes to let your dog outside. There is no risk of losing heat to replace your windows with The Energy Doctor during the winter months.

Platinum Plus Performance Package

The Platinum Plus Performance Package includes windows that are beyond all others. With triple glazing design and two sheets of Low E glass, as well as two chambers of Argon gas and signature platinum coloured spacer bar, these energy saving windows boast uncompromised quality.

Humphrey Next Generation Platinum Plus Thermal Performance Guide

  • Glass OptionInsulating R-Value
  • Dual ClearR 2.0
  • Dual Low ER 3.2
  • Dual Low ER 4.0
  • Duel Low E/ArgonR 3.1
  • Triple ClearR 3.1
  • Triple Low E x1R 5.3
  • Triple Low E/Argon x2R 7.8

Super Spacer Sealed Health Smart Windows

Homeowners deserve high quality air in their homes, and this can be achieved with Humphrey’s Health Smart Windows. Condensation is eliminated with a Super Spacer seal, cutting back on mold growth in the edges and corners of your windows. Structural foam and triple air seal design profiles will provide the very best protection from mold that can be hazardous to your health.

All Humphrey Next Generation window systems come with a lifetime, non-prorated transferable limited warranty that covers all vinyl window components against blistering, peeling, flaking, cracking, and corrosion. They are additionally backed by a 10 year, non-prorated warranty on all operating hardware and screen framing. The sealed units are backed by a separate 25 year, non-prorated warranty against premature seal failure.

For exceptional windows at unbeatable prices, consider Humphrey Windows supplied by Energy Doctor! We are happy to provide a quote, place an order, and install your new windows as soon as possible. We are your general contractor, we do it all and offer discounts on complete renovation projects. Give us a call today.


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